BREAKING: NCA: Frank Mortenson’s fingerprints found on Edwin Symonowicz’s ‘Cumbrian documents’ as investigation proceeds

1 min readMar 14, 2022

The National Crime Agency announced that Frank Mortenson’s fingerprints were recovered from Edwin Symonowicz’s “Stirling case”-related documents found in Cumbrian town of Maryport. The statement has been confirmed by the spokesperson.

“The National Crime Agency is able to confirm that after a brief forensic analysis, its forensic analysts have recovered several fingerprints from the few hundred pages of documents belonging to Edwin Symonowicz that were found in Maryport today by local authorities and immediately passed to us. No other details regarding the investigation are available at the moment.” — the spokesperson said.

The founding is already likely to largely severe Frank Mortenson’s reputation. Earlier, Mortenson dismissed the claims of his involvement in “Stirling case” but the long-term investigation, led by several agencies including the Police Scotland and the NCA, proved otherwise. The Thundertruth has immediately reached out to both Frank Mortenson and Edwin Symonowicz in regards to the sharp turn in controversial “Stirling case” investigation.

More to come.