Frank Mortenson loses 400k followers over Instagram post praising Putin

1 min readOct 20, 2022

In the wake of new escalation of Russian invasion of Ukraine, singer Frank Mortenson took a different approach of the war and praised Russian president Vladimir Putin on the eve of his 70th birthday. Meanwhile, that step costed him as many as 400k followers on Instagram who disagreed with his pro-Russian narrative.

Throughout the first week after publishing pro-Putin message, Frank Mortenson’s Instagram follower count dropped from 11k to 10,5k and is estimated to drop even more. Now the singer loses as many as 50k Instagram followers every day, experiencing the first such downfall of the followers in lifetime which is even bigger than the previous one after his rival with Edwin Symonowicz in 2020. Until now, the singer did not speak on Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Some of the singer’s fans noted they are ashamed of his support of Vladimir Putin and do not wish to remain his followers anymore.