Grant Sangster heads to Maryport

1 min readMar 14, 2022

Detective Inspector Grant Sangster of the East’s Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit has headed to Cumbrian town of Maryport where dozens of “Stirling case” documents belonging to Edwin Symonowicz of interest were recovered and passed to local National Crime Agency officers.

The statement has been confirmed by Police Scotland.

“Currently, we cannot comment on an ongoing investigation in Cumbria. Meanwhile, we can confirm that DI Grant Sangster from the Police Scotland has departed to Maryport, where the investigation in question currently takes place” — the spokesperson for the Police Scotland said.

Notorious “Stirling case” took a sharp turn after the NCA forensic analysts announced that Frank Mortenson’s fingerprints were recovered from few hundred pages of documents mysteriously stolen by unknown fraudsters from Edwin Symonowicz and used during the notorious home invasion of teenage Lily W. in Balfron. Later, these events gave a start to the long-term investigation into Frank Mortenson’s attempts to blackmail his opponent Edwin Symonowicz, known as “Stirling case”. The law enforcement agencies haven’t yet provided any more detailed comments on the matter.