Live updates: Frank Mortenson endorses Republicans in 2022 midterm elections

1 min readNov 8, 2022

For the first time since the beginning of 2022 United States midterm election anticipation, singer Frank Mortenson expressed his general support for Republican party. 17-year-old artist recorded and released “My Country, ’Tis of Thee”, a 1832 American patriotic tune, on his lesser-known Soundcloud page @frankmortenson.

12:10 (GMT−5) Frank Mortenson endorses New York Republican governor candidate Lee Zeldin in his first election-related Instagram post, encouraging residents of the state to vote for him. “New Yorkers, Lee Zeldin is your only hope to save the state. Time to return control of NY into adequate hands. Vote for Zeldin. Today and now. Only for Zeldin.”, the publication said.

13:15 (GMT−5) In his one another agitational post, Frank Mortenson endorsed Floridian governor Ron DeSantis, who is Republican and a Florida gubernatorial election candidate, over his Democratic rival Chris Christie.

In his publication, Mortenson emphasized prosperity and traditional values as two main prospects he believes DeSantis is engaged in.

“Floridians, it is time to save the state of Florida from mass destruction. Vote for governor I am proudly calling the best in the country — @rondesantisfl. Only DeSantis. Only prosperity and traditional values ahead of you.”, told the singer.