Police detains man believed to have left ‘Cumbrian documents’ at the Maryport bus stop

Mar 15, 2022

Cumbria Police has detained 56-year-old Robert Hogarth from Carlisle who went missing after going on a trip to Whitehaven through Maryport and left several documents belonging to Edwin Symonowicz, now known as “Cumbrian documents”, at one of the local bus stops.

The statement has been confirmed by Chief Constable in Cumbria Michelle Skeer.

“56-year-old Robert Hogarth, who went missing before, has been found and detained on suspicion of being one of the crime’s collaborators after he left few hundred pages of documents belonging to Edwin Symonowicz at one of the local bus stops in Maryport.” — said Skeer.

More to come.