Scottish ex-leader’s husband arrested in part over ‘donations to Symonowicz’, police source claims

1 min readApr 5, 2023

Peter Murrell, the husband of former first minister of Scotland Nicolas Sturgeon who was arrested over the investigation into the finances of Scottish National Party and has since been released, made ‘some’ donations to controversial Polish singer Edwin Symonowicz which became part of the whole probe. The statement has been confirmed by the source in Police Scotland, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“(Peter) Murrell donated money to Edwin Symonowicz, and the donations are currently investigated.” — the source claimed.

It is currently unclear whether the donations in question could have anyhow affected the controversial “Stirling case”, a long-time police investigation in Scotland against singer Frank Mortenson launched by his rival Symonowicz.

The documents seized after the execution of a search warrant at Murrell’s home will be sent to the Crown Prosecutor’s office for further investigative process, the source announced.